About Us

ELECTRIKJAM is all about guitars – with an emphasis on metal and all its wonderful sub-genres. Whether you’re looking for information on pedals, the latest amplifiers, or want to know what the best guitar for your budget is, our team of veteran guitar players has got your back.

With a combined 30+ years experience, our team of expert writers have been on the front lines, playing in bands and recording artists in studios all around the world, since the 1990s. We know gear. We know how to dial in your set up. And we know plenty about recording – ideal if you’re a total beginner.

Need advice on certain guitar styles? Want to know what the best picks are for certain styles of guitar playing? Our Tutorials section is where we store the collected wisdom of our team. Inside, you’ll find guides on everything from tuning your guitar to installing new pick-ups and everything else in between.

How We Test Gear

Pretty simple. Over the course of the past 25+ years, our team has extensive experience with thousands of items related to guitars – from amps to pedals, as well as recording equipment and software.

Our reviews are based on real-world experience, meaning actual road-testing, either in a gig-environment, on the road, or inside our dedicated testing lab. We only ever recommend gear that we love, use, and regularly abuse.

And we NEVER do sponsored posts.

Everything you read about on ELECTRIKJAM has been vetted and approved by our team. If we recommend that you buy it, we do so because we believe it is 100% worth your time. If something sucks, we call it out. Simple.

How We Make Money

Like most blogs, we use a combination of ads and affiliate links. As started above, all of the products we test are tested and vetted extensively – in some cases up to six to seven months.

Our writers do not know who we work with (affiliate networks), so all content is written without any bias for one particular network. All affiliate links are added after the fact which ensures anything that is recommended has been properly reviewed and vetted by our team of expert reviewers.

This way of doing things means there is no pressure from manufacturers to create “positive reviews” and it also does away with the possibly of “paid-for” reviews – something we never do and positively hate!
If you buy something that we recommend, we get a small commission from the retailer. This commission is how we fund the site, pay our writers, cover our bills, and, generally speaking, make ends meet. It’s what make ELECTRIKJAM possible. Without it, well… we’d really struggle.

Why am I telling you all of this? Simple: I want you to know exactly how ELECTRIKJAM works. I want you to know that, unlike some blogs and sites, we’re not just some blog that shits out affiliate posts.

We care about what we do. And we want to help; that’s the entire point of ELECTRIKJAM – spread knowledge, show newbies what gear they should get, and help you save money by making educated buying decisions.