Best Budget Guitars

A good guitar doesn’t have to be expensive. This is where we collate and collect all of our reviews of the best budget guitars you can buy right now – from Squire to Epiphone to Harley Benton and Indigo Guitars…

Best Budget Electric Guitars


Squier Contemporary Telecaster Review: A Budget Metal Beast For 2021!

The Squier Contemporary Telecaster is another great addition to the Contemporary Series made to shred. This axe is anything but traditional!


Sire Guitars L7 Review: The Astounding Alternative To Epiphone!

The Sire Guitars L7 is a brand I had never heard of, and I am floored by the quality! Before you decide on buying an Epiphone, you need to see this first!


Harley Benton DNAfx Review: Is It Worth It in 2021?

We have been taking a look at Harley Benton Guitars lately, and seeing what the budget brand has to offer. How good is the flagship Harley Benton DNAfx?


Harley Benton Amarok Review: Amazing Features From The #1 Budget Brand!

The new Harley Benton Amarok Series is an attempt at high end features on a budget shredder. But can Harley Benton pull it off?


Schecter Demon 7 Review: The BEST 7 String Guitar Under $500?

Schecter certainly isn't new to the extended range game, but it may be the company that has finally perfected it with the Schecter Demon 7!


AIO Wolf Guitars Review 2021: Master Craftsmanship For An Unbelievable Price!

Have you heard of the new AIO Wolf Guitars? That's funny, because I had not either! Today we check out these amazing LP style guitars.


Harley Benton Fusion 3 Review: The #1 Budget Guitar On The Market?

The Harley Benton Fusion 3 is a monster of a guitar. Today we check out all of the features of this unbelievably priced axe!

Cheap But Good Guitars

I know what you’re thinking: I have to spend a fortune to get a good guitar, right? Not so long ago, this might have been the case. But nowadays, there are plenty of affordable – dare I say, cheap – guitar options for beginner and even advanced players on a tighter budget.

We test loads of guitars every year. The best of them are featured on this page – usually a review but sometimes a profile piece. Either way, if they’re listed above, it means they play legit and sound great. And we include all brands too – from Squier to Harley Benton and Epiphone to more obscure brands like AIO Guitars and Sire Guitars.

Why? Simple: not everyone can afford a PRS or a Gibson or a Fender. But the good news is it doesn’t really matter. If you have anywhere from $200 to $500 laying around to spend on a guitar, you can pick yourself up a killer electric guitar that’ll be good enough for recording and playing live.

The Best Value Guitars

When it comes to value for money, it pays to know what you’re looking at as well as understand how and where guitars are made. Take the example of Tokai; it makes loads of different models of guitars. But if you want a GOOD Tokai, you’ll want a Japanese-made one, not one built in China. I have a Chinese-made Tokai. It is a piece of sh*t.

I also own a few Squier guitars, Fender’s budget, entry-level brand, and these play beautifully compared to my Chinese Tokai Les Paul. From the action to the neck and how it plays, Fender’s Squier brand is a brilliant option for new and/or aspiring guitar players. You can even get Squier guitars built for metal with humbucker pickups (see below).

Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster

True to the Jazzmaster tradition of smashing rules, the Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster is packed with audacious new features. Sporting a matching headstock for a sleek aesthetic and black chrome hardware for a stealthy vibe, this guitar looks as sinister as it sounds. It features a Tune O Matic style bridge, and dual active pickups ready for Metal!

Best Price, Buy Now!

And then you have newer, less well-known brands like Harley Benton. Chris recently tested a bunch of these guitars and was really impressed by them. And most Harley Benton guitars, even its eight-string ones, cost less than $200.

If you want our advice though you really cannot go wrong with brands like Epiphone, Schecter, Sire, and Squier – these brands all produce amazing value guitars that look great, play great, and sound great. My personal favorite? The Epiphone SG Standard. For the money, less than $400, I honestly don’t think there is a better guitar on the market right now, especially if you like classically-designed guitars.

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