What Kind Of Pickups Are In A Les Paul Epiphone?

If you’re a new buyer, it can be confusing to know what kind of pickups are in a Les Paul Epiphone model. But there are really only a few kind that come in all of the models. The main one being the “Probucker” designed by Gibson Guitars.

What Kind Of Pickups Are In A Les Paul Epiphone?
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What Kind Of Pickups Are In A Les Paul Epiphone? The Main 3…

There are really only three types of pickups that Epiphone uses in their production Les Paul guitars. The most popular are “Probuckers” that are designed by Gibson.

These pickups come in all of Epiphone’s base model/midrange instruments. The other two versions of Epiphone’s pickups come in the affordable models and the custom models.

Let’s take a look at the different pickups including the “Probucker” model.

Probucker Pickups: These are the most popular model of pickups that Epiphone makes, and they come in all of the “Standard” Models of the Les Paul. The Probucker comes in Silver and Gold usually.

These are based on the Gibson Les Paul pickups called the “Burstbucker”. These are usually alnico magnet-based, medium output humbuckers. They have the popular sound of Gibson’s PAF pickups that are revered all around the world!

Gibson first designed these pickups in the 1950s and they have been popular ever since. Epiphone’s version is a very good replica of the original (unlike many of the Chibson guitars you can buy online) (unlike many of the Chibson guitars you can buy online).

Epiphone Branded (generic): These generally come in the more affordable instruments and are a ceramic magnet based pickup made for high output. These only come in an “open coil” version, meaning they do not come with metal pickup covers.

While these are usually looked at as being “cheap” they actually work really well for a basic high output pickup. Some people like to switch them out for after-market pickups. But they work great!

These come standard in all of the Les Paul Special models. The special models are just stripped-down versions of the higher-end models, but they are great for beginners.

What Kind Of Pickups Are In A Les Paul Epiphone?

Gibson Custom Shop Pickups: Since Gibson owns Epiphone, they often make a special run of the Les Paul with high-end Gibson parts. This of course, includes the pickups! These are usually expensive models for Epiphone.

The pickups most often used for the higher end Epiphone models are the “Burstbuckers” that come standard in many Gibson Les Paul instruments. These are a medium output PAF style pickup that is perfect for rock and metal.

These guitars usually come at a premium, but their quality is outstanding! These limited edition models are released every year and usually feature different finishes and color shcemes along with the Gibson Pickups and hardware.

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